Monday, October 10, 2011

Trying to stay out of trouble...

So here I am in the blogosphere. I write books. People who write books are supposed to be here. Just doing what I'm told and hoping to not get myself into to much trouble in the process. I can't make any guarantees, though, cuz I kinda get into trouble a lot.

For latest book totally rocks. It's current and edgy and I'm seriously lusting after my male MC. But he does stuff that characters in young adult books aren't really supposed to do. (Think: three-way.) The thing is, it's totally not my fault. My characters are who my characters are. They say things and do stuff and I write it down. If I was to mess with them, they wouldn't be authentic and it would come across as totally fake and not believable. So I don't.

My truly fabulous agent is on submission with said book as we speak. It's out with some amazing editors and I'm hoping at least one of them gets it, because I totally love this book.

In the meantime, I'm gonna write something else to stay busy, cuz I've got other characters having conversations in my head.

Do you hear voices, or is it just me?

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